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Crystal J. Miller

Wisconsin State Assembly – District 65, Kenosha

Your voice matters.   As a Kenosha area resident for the last 20 years I am excited to meet you, whether it be by phone, zoom conference, email or a driveway-spaced chat!  Your concerns and your ideas about what we can do to solve problems – that’s what I want to learn more about.  

Vision, Issues, & Values

I care about people. 

I love small business and the way it supports people and the economy. 

I believe that America came to be because of entrepreneurial minds and a drive to make things better. 

I believe that free enterprise is the way to see success flourish. 

Prosperity is not great for prosperity’s sake; it is great for what it accomplishes for people.  America’s economy stands on the shoulders of small business, and small business stands on the shoulders of a strong and healthy workforce. 

What does that mean?  

A healthy workforce is enabled by policy that allows people to have options.  Lower income workers, as do all workers, have an innate desire for growth, but in many cases government policy makes decisions for people without their input. 

Protecting the Vulnerable

I believe funding should be provided to take care of the most vulnerable in our population-the elderly, the disabled, and disadvantaged children. 

Workforce Development

I believe that communities can flourish with work opportunities based on good policy and regulations that allow businesses and workers to grow and prosper.  With a strong workforce available to our businesses, our economy will provide opportunities for people to realize their dreams.  

Racial Equity

People of color are often excluded or marginalized from decision making and many believe that their voice does not matter.  I want to represent all in our community and have started this journey by listening.  My passion for these voices grows as I learn more about the stories and challenges that some in our community have experienced.  


I care about people in poverty and I will continue fighting to help the poor.  I know that many people feel that the system has left them behind because they lack the right degrees or credentials.  The American spirit is alive and well in each of us and policy should support those who desire to grow in their income and lifestyle.  


I believe in public education and I am grateful for those who pour out their lives to invest in our families.  I support families’ freedom in having options for the education of their children.  Our economy is dependent on a strong workforce and the workforce of our future is dependent on the children of today. 

About Crystal

An entrepreneur at heart, Crystal J. Miller has lived in the Kenosha area for over 20 years and over the last decade has established herself as a community leader who cares deeply about the success of people around her.  She is talented at problem solving and believes that natural curiosity is the best teacher.  

Crystal is a principal owner and President of Frontida Assisted Living, a business operating in southeast and northeast Wisconsin.  Her business accomplishments include developing a culture of excellence and accountability among nearly two hundred team members.  Frontida Assisted Living has been awarded Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplace award for six consecutive years and Crystal was recognized as the Kenosha Area Business Alliance Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018

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